Since December 2015 we have been having a partnership with a farmer in Berlin.


Christian Heymann


Christian Heymanns enterprise “SpeiseGut” is part of a community-supported agriculture network and certified by the organic association “Naturland”. He grows old varieties of vegetables and potatoes and markets his products through the soldiery agriculture network, individual stores of the organic grocery chain “BioCompany”, special markets, cafes and through his own farm shop and online store. His oils have the “Fair” certification, which no more than 10 farms have in Germany. It was developed in 2010 by “Naturland” and ensures wages for employees, the origin of raw materials and fair trading partners.


For Shumei, Mr Heymann has been growing potatoes (Linda) and onions (Sturon) in Natural Agriculture since spring 2016.



Shumei on a visit to Christian Heymann

Shumei on a visit to Christian Heymann



Christian Heymann's Shumei potato and onion field

Christian Heymann’s Shumei potato and onion field