Moving Beyond Agricultural Techniques

The basis of Natural Agriculture is to work in harmony with the natural environment for the benefit of the plant, for the well-being of those who eat the food, and ultimately for the whole environment. One of the goals and commitments of Natural Agriculture farmers is to bring physical, mental and spiritual benefit to people, […]

The Relationship between Organic and Natural Agriculture

The organic food movement developed in response to numerous trends in the agricultural industry, particularly the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which pose health hazards. The techniques of organic agriculture include the use of micro-organisms in the soil as well as compost and manure, feeding the soil as opposed to feeding the plants, and […]

Strengthening the Natural Processes

The principle of respect for nature is based on the perception that consciousness guides all life processes. This consciousness extends to all that grows. Natural Agriculture recognizes that plants are conscious living entities. A seed is planted in the earth. Rain comes and the seed sprouts and takes root. The germ of consciousness begins to […]

A Philosophy of Harmony with the Earth.

The principles and practices of Natural Agriculture were developed in Japan in the early decades of the 20th century by Mokichi Okada to foster a renewed understanding of the harmony that exists among the natural elements of the earth. Mokichi Okada conducted extensive research in the development of agricultural practices that would yield the most […]