“The ideas behind the Shumei approach to agriculture began with the Japanese philosopher and naturalist Mokichi Okada (1882-1955). They were part of a wider vision he developed during the 1930s of a world transformed through our collective effort into one of truth, virtue and beauty. An important element in this transformation was the restoration of our relationship with Nature. The best way to do this, he advised, was to learn, through our food growing and consuming, to partner rather than control the soil.”


  РLiz Ware

The principles and practices of Natural Agriculture were developed in Japan in the early decades of the 20th century by Mokichi Okada to foster a renewed understanding of the harmony that exists among the natural elements of the earth. Mokichi Okada conducted extensive research in the development of agricultural practices that would yield the most productive and beneficial results for nourishing the human body, mind and spirit. From this research he developed techniques of food cultivation that are breaking new ground in the advancement of agriculture, without compromising the purity and integrity of the products. Thus the practice of Natural Agriculture is based on a highly developed philosophy of life and is intimately tied to the physical and spiritual laws that govern the universe, as perceived by its founder.