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An Offering of Light – Healing With Jyorei, Natural Agriculture, and Art
Roy Gibbon, Atsushi Fujimaki, Gerard Rohlfing.
Published by Shumei America Pub, 2006
ISBN 10: 0977286010 / ISBN 13: 9780977286010


FarmingtoCreateHeaven - sm

Farming to Create Heaven on Earth. Shumei Natural Agriculture
By Lisa M. Hamilton
ISBN-13: 978-4903930008




Spirit of the Land. Shumei Natural Agriculture Philosophy and Practice.

By Diana Jerkins and Natural Agriculture Working Groups

Shumei International Press. ISBN-13: 978-4903930022


LivingEarth - sm

Visions of the Living Earth. A Joint Book Project of Shumei and Navdanya
Foreword by Maurice Strong. Introduction by Vandana Shiva.