Toshihito Iimuro

Field Manager
P1010313 - CopyToshihito is from a rural village in Yamanashi prefecture (140 km from Tokyo). He became a Shumei employee in 2007 and came to Germany in 2011 with the dream of making the philosophy of Shumei Natural Agriculture known in other countries. Through practising Natural Agriculture on a daily basis, his insights have been nurtured and his love and respect towards nature and the soil have deepened. In recent years, more and more visitors and interns have come to the farm and it is his vision that they get inspired by their visits and understand that vegetables can be grown without pesticides and fertilisers. He lives with his wife Naoko who also actively supports Shumei Steinfurth. In the future he would like to run his own farm.






Ryo Shimizu

Vice Field Manager
Ryo - CopyRyo is from Hyogo prefecture. Since his school days he has been interested in environmental issues as well as in other countries. In 2014 he was given the opportunity to come to Germany. In Japan, he was part of the kitchen team at the headquarters of Shumei, more precisely at the “Miho Museum” and the “Miho Esthetic Institute”. Therefore, he especially likes to please people with his cooking and he would like to share his thought that healthy food makes people healthy and happy. It is his wish that all colleagues work happily and harmoniously and to create a comfortable environment for other people.




Ikuko Uematsu

Field worker

DSC_2156 - CopyIkuko Uematsu started an internship on Shumei Natural Agriculture farms in April in 2016. Through the daily practice on farms in Japan, she has gained insights into a sustainable and regenerative agricultural method, which contributes to environmental conservation and human health of body and mind. She came to Germany in March in 2017 to gather more experiences and to deepen her knowledge in agriculture. Her wishes are to widely spread the great worth of Shumei Natural Agriculture, and also to motivate more and more people to get involved in this farming method and to eat its products.





Max Kondo

Project management
IMG_3428 - Copy Max started working for Shumei Steinfurth in 2017. Before that, he had worked for Shumei Berlin since 2008 and helped Shumei als a media coordinator and with marketing communication as well as organised events at the Shumei Café in Berlin. His desire is to establish contacts with people from the local area and to create a community for those who wish to share and practise our philosophy. For this purpose he also wants to offer projects of Natural Agriculture.







Johanna Unger

Public Relations


JohannaJohanna Unger got to know Shumei in India in 2011. During her master’s programme “Agroecology” in Sweden she visited the model farm in Steinfurth for the first time and she became a team member after her graduation in October 2014. Her main tasks are caring for customers and WWOOFers, engaging in public relations and supporting projects both in Germany and abroad. What she likes most about her work is the combination of agriculture with deep values, the contact with other cultures and the international network. Her wish for the future is that Shumei Natural Agriculture will spread to many more countries.











Shumei Natürliche Landwirtschaft Steinfurth

Steinfurther Hauptstr. 7, 61231 Bad Nauheim

Festnetz mit AB: 06032 949 3183







Our office and residence are located in Steinfurther Hauptstr. 7. After entering the “Gartenhof Löw” go through the drive-through and turn right after climbing the small staircase to the right to reach the entrance door. It is also possible to ring the bell at the workshop in the drive-through.




Our field is located near the entrance of Steinfurth. Coming from Bad Nauheim, one sees a sign with the words “Shumei-Feld” to the right.