Between June and November we deliver our vegetable boxes every Wednesday to addresses around Steinfurth and in Frankfurt. Furthermore, it is possible to pick up boxes at our site (Wednesdays, 11 am – 1 pm & 5 pm – 6 pm).


In the main harvest season (around July to November) we deliver every week, otherwise every two weeks. Vegetable boxes are available in the main harvest time, otherwise we only accept individual orders. We don’t offer anything between the beginning of March and the end of May (apart from vegetables from our storage upon request). A vegetable box means that we combine mixtures from the vegetables that can currently be harvested at face values of 5 € (small box), 10 € (regular box), 15 € (big box) or 20 € (huge box). You can find some examples for content quantities below.


Every customer who wants to have our leafy vegetables delivered in cloth bags can acquire two cloth bags worth € 2 per bag, which will be used for each delivery.


As we are a non-profit organisation with the goal of producing natural food, we do not sell anything, but ask for an appropriate donation to support our work and cover our expenses. If you are in our mailing list, you will receive the offer for the next week every week and you can deselect or specify preferences and products. Individual orders are always possible. Please let us know by Sunday evening or Monday morning know so we can prepare the order on time.


This is a list of vegetables and the periods in which they will be offered in 2017. There may be variations.


End of April / May: rhubarb

End of June: Maserati lettuce

End of June – mid July: raspberries (for picking)

End of June – Mid Oct: radishes, curled lettuce, butterhead lettuce, spring onions

End of June – beginning of Nov: Batavia lettuce

End of June – December: white/red leaf chard, onions (from Berlin or Steinfurth), potatoes “Linda” (from Berlin), garlic

July – September: cucumbers, courgettes, Matina tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, “Yellow Submarine” tomatoes

End of July – mid August: blackberries (for picking)

September: Chinese cabbage

August – September: apples, plums

End of August – mid October: Pantos peppers (green, then red)

September – October: leeks

September – November: celery

September – December: black radish, pumpkin, carrots

October – December: kale, mizuna salad


Contents of boxes: The contents of a box very much depend on the available vegetables and market prices. Here are two examples of box compositions for your orientation:

5 € box – end of August:
250 g Matina tomatoes, 85 g cherry tomatoes, 45 g “Yellow Submarine” tomatoes, 100 g white/red leaf chard, one head of Batavia lettuce, one bunch of spring onions, one zucchini, two apples

5 € box – end of October:
250 g Matina tomatoes, 125 g cherry tomatoes, 100 g white/red leaf chard, one head of lettuce, one black radish, one leek, 400 g carrots, one Chinese cabbage