Since 2015 Shumei Steinfurth has been a member of the organisation “WWOOF”, which allows travelers in 100 countries to help on organic farms for board and lodging and to mutually benefit from the exchange. For more information, see the websites of WWOOF in each country.


In 2015, Shumei Steinfurth had 38 WWOOFers from Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, France, the US, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Sweden and Great Britain. In 2016 and 2017 many more WWOOFers have been coming.



Our team members with WWOOFers, friends and volunteers


You may find pictures, feedbacks and interviews from our WWOOFers in this section.


Our WWOOFer from the Netherlands

„I like the harmony of the coexistance of humans, animals and nature. The work is very pleasant, I can feel the  inner peace of the people here which spreads to the environment and to the guests.“

Unsere WWOOFerin Madina aus Tajikistan - Our WWOOFer Madina from Tajikistan

Our WWOOFer Madina from Tajikistan

“I think it was my best time in Germany spent among incredibly nice people”


Our WWOOFer Elena from Italy/Germany

“I feel very blessed to be here. It is like a hideaway. Living and acting in harmony with nature and therefore getting its best back. Natural Agriculture doesn’t only mean cultivating pure and wholesome food, but it is seen as an art and a spiritual practice. Seeding, planting, harvesting… treating every plant with love, doing everything with great appreciation and gratitude and then being rewarded with the most delicious food ever. It is great!”


nterviews with some of our WWOOFers



Movie by our WWOOFer and film maker Jin from Korea about his time in Steinfurth

Pictures from our WWOOFer Elena in her blog



More pictures

Abdo und Tomoko

Our intern Abdo from Turkey and our WWOOFer Tomoko from Japan

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Our WWOOFer Guillaume from France

Our WWOOFer Jin from Korea

Our WWOOFers Adrián and Lucia from Argentina and Italy

Our WWOOFers Uschi and Sandra from Munich

Our WWOOFers Marie and Steven from Ireland